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One of the reasons I wear a lot of dresses is I often feel awkward in separates--it's so hard to find tops that fit properly! Even the smallest sizes can be loose and nearly all of them can double as tunic tops for someone of my height (5'1"). So, I'm quite excited for this 90s revival of fitted tees and crop tops because I'm finally finding shirts I can wear comfortably. Like this basic black crop top. On me you can barely even tell it is a crop top, most of the time it's completely tucked into my high waist skirts and nary an inch of belly skin is visible.



  1. Finally someone who understands,I'm 5'2 or 5'1 and three quarters and that is one of my main problems.
    -Elizabeth xx

  2. I love your style! Keep it up x

  3. I like your style! Keep it up x

  4. I've been feeling crop tops for the exact same reason as you. They actually fit closer to normal tops than any non-crop top does! I definitely understand your frustration. Maybe that's why I don't have a whole lot of tops compared to dresses.

    Jamie |

  5. I'm the same height as you and also suffer from the same issue! I am loving crop tops this summer but dresses definitely take up the majority of my wardrobe. I just discovered your blog. It's a lovely read :)


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