Sunday Remix

details: Crew Cuts jacket, peach dress, vintage scarf, old heels, FOSSIL purse (old, similar)

details: peach dresswit & bloom flower crown, Choies purseUO shoes

details: peach dressShop Ruche skirt, old sandals (similar), Zara purse

details: peach dress, old cardigan (similar), DIY skirt, Love from Cyprus sandals

Whenever I get a new dress I immediately start to picture it in as many outfits as possible--my favorite pieces tend to be the ones I can wear again and again but it different ways to avoid getting bored. This peachy number with lace detailing definitely seems like one of those pieces; I want to wear it all summer in the simplest of combinations. But even when I'm only adding one or two pieces to the look there are ways to mix things up by choosing what colors to work with. It pops with denim, looks nice with turquoise and even works a monochromatic look finished in a flower crown. It's hard to imagine a more perfect summer dress.


Rory said...

LOVE the color of that little number! It looks so lovely on you too with your hair. Great flower crown!


Isabella said...

Peach looks so fabulous with your hair! It's hard to say which of these looks is my favorite - maybe the first one, since you look so worldly and confident :)


FTF Inspirations said...

Loved how you matched peach with different shades of blue! never knew peach can compliment blue tones so nicely.


Is It Secret, Is It Safe said...

Love the peachy dress! I don't own any dresses in that color, but I've always wanted to! It's kind of a hard color to find!


Nicole K. said...

Love the different ways you are wearing the dress! I also love how there are so many ways of dressing up a dress- making it a skirt, top, a tunic, or just simply a dress! ;) Have a great day!

Chic Nikkie

OrigamiGirl said...

I have a dress in a similar colour, and I agree - it somehow goes with everything. It's such a perfect shade! I love how it goes with your orange satchel in the first pic.