The Books Were True

I got trapped in this covered bridge for nearly an hour. The rain was light when I walked to it, but it quickly started to downpour and would not let up. It was good thing I had my book on hand since once I had snapped a few pictures there wasn't much else to do...When I was little I used to read so much in the summer; local libraries always offered rewards for the number of books you read as a child and I used to go in every week with a stack as big as I could carry. Even now I read more in summer than other seasons--I think it's the way the days are longer giving me the illusion of having more time and so I prioritize my time differently and carve out more space for reading. So far I've mostly been re-reading old favorites, like Martin Eden, but I there are a few classics I've never read before that I plan to get to before the days get short again. This book is one of the most beautiful ones I own, not just for its content but because it's a first edition and Thomas got it for me as a gift. I love the beautiful Art Nouveau lines on the cover and gilded letters and there are even a couple of illustrations inside. I'm usually a little afraid to read this copy for fear of damaging it, but it was rather lovely to be reading a gift from Thomas while we're apart.

Outfit details:
Jeffrey Campbell heels (old)



  1. Adorable pics! I love your green trench coat.

    Styled By Noosh

    - Noosh xx

  2. Perfect spot to shoot. We don't get much rain in southern California, but I'll never forget the time a friend and I got stuck under a bridge in Florida during one of those random afternoon downpours. Sort of magical. I adore your shoes & that tiny gold bow. :)


  3. I'm glad that you were able to make the most out of your time while being stuck under a bridge. Your outfit is beautiful as usual, and those photos turned out great! I really like the last photo. It looks like something out of a storybook.

    -Helen Grace

    Sweet Helen Grace

  4. gorgeous photos! love the dress.

  5. That coat, oh my goodness, I'm obsessed! Alex

  6. Love love love the dress. Great pictures. :-)

  7. The cut-out details on your dress are really cool, especially love the anti peter pan collar at the front! And your hair looks wonderful here too, I love ponytailed ringlets :)

  8. I love Jack London! That's so cool that you have a first edition copy of Martin Eden. And I really dig all your covered bridge outfit photos!


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