Style Crush: Karen Gillan

I don't watch Doctor Who but the fashion stylings of Amy Pond, or rather Karen Gillan, have still caught my eye and added her to my short-list of celebrity fashion inspirations. Between her love of 60s frocks, mary janes, and the very trendy cat sweater it's really no surprise I look forward to both her street style and red carpet appearances. Her hair is a good deal shorter now than in these pictures, but most street fashion pictures of her seem to be from her longer hair era--maybe the paparazzi is having a harder time recognizing her or maybe she's spending less time in the United States (as European paps seem to be less intense). Anyway, even if these outfits are a little date I'm still finding them incredibly covetable. That first outfit with the cat eye sunglasses, cape, patterned dress and men's style loafers is basically everything I want to be for fall.


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