London Leftovers

*the Natural History Museum & the Victoria & Albert Museum
I'm back stateside, but here are a few leftover photographs from my brief adventures around London with my sister and Thomas. We did a lot of walking, a little shopping, saw the red poppies spilling out of the Tower of London, admired antiquities in museums, sat in parks, sipped cider in pubs, slept on floors, and generally had a good time. It's always amazing how much you can pack into one city. It's hard to find rest when there's so much to see and tourist-ing is tiring work, but as soon as I'm back home I'm ready to be away again...

Outfit details:
shirt & purse bought at Camden Market



  1. I'm not sure what it is about these photos... Possibly the colours, the setting, or the composition... But I think they're lovely!

    It almost looks like you explored the museum when it was empty! (It just adds to the magic of it).


  2. I have been loving all of your photos from your trip! They really make me want to travel :).


  3. beautiful pictures!


  4. It's funny how that works, eh? You have this crazy itch to travel and leave your home town... you feel bored and want to escape for some adventure. And then, when you're away, you realize how much you miss home and want to come back hahaha. Your pictures are beautiful, as always.


  5. gorgeous photos!



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