Before I dyed my hair blonde I tried to figure out what color clothes would complement the new hair color. For this reason most of the clothes I packed for Northern Ireland were blue and green, but when I saw this dress at Hello Holiday I couldn't resist trying it out. I wasn't sure the mustard and purple tones would "go" with the blonde hair, but I'm pleasantly surprised by how it works. I probably shouldn't worry about color coordination so much, but for me it's one of the intimidating factors about changing your hair color. Actually, there's probably a lot of intimidating factors about changing my hair. Usually the day before a hair cut or color I consider canceling my plans and wonder why I wasted money on purple shampoo. But so far every time I have gone through with the change I haven't regretted the decision--whether it works for me or not it's good to experience something new. And if your hair doesn't perfectly match your dress you can always wear a hat!


Kailey said...

You look perfect <3

Sally Mavin said...

Ahh I think your hair complements it beautifully. Funny how hair colour can be more versatile than you think. The dress is a gorgeous pattern too. Definite win :)

Tamara said...

I love this dress and have wanted to buy it for some time now. I'm obsessed with Dear Creatures ;).
As a blonde myself, I feel like I can wear any color. The dress and colors look great on you!


Nikki Williams said...

that dress is stunning!!



Revital said...

such a cute dress! I love it


NotJessFashion said...

Cute animal details on your look!


Jessie Ho said...

you look so gorgeous -- your outfit shots just keep getting prettier and prettier!


Laura Mitbrodt said...

I love this dress!

JD Smith said...

I absolutely love the dress and how you've worked all those details into the outfit! :)
The unicorn clutch never grows old for me! :)
Diana @ http://diasway.blogspot.co.uk

Anonymous said...

that dress is stunning!!