Sunday Remix

details: Gardens of Whimsy flower crown, floral dress, thrifted belt, tieks ballet flats

details: floral dress, thrifted belt, tulle skirt (similar), old sandals (similar)

details: F21 cardigan (similar), floral dress, thrifted belt, ballet flats

One fall floral dress, three ways to wear it. I don't usually think of floral when it comes to fall (since most flowers seem to bloom in the spring!) but isn't there something fall-like about this one? It's probably just the darker palette but I'm envisioning it in so many autumn outfits--navy tights and scarves, red tights and lace-up boots, etc. The colors don't work perfectly with my pink hair, but you win some, you lose some...



  1. I really, really love your style. I have no clue how to dress myself, or mix/match clothing items. I'll be following you for more inspiration!

  2. Love the dress! its really cute!

  3. Beautiful photos and outfits!

  4. This floral dress feels very fall to me also. It must be the darker colors. I love the way you styled it in the second group of pictures! I love using dresses as shirts ;).


  5. I absolutely adore these remix posts you do, especially when they are with dresses! This year I vowed to wear more than just jeans during fall and winter, and these are such a great source of inspiration for me!
    Rya Pie

  6. That's a lovely dress! I always enjoy your remixes because you wear the same piece in such different ways!
    Love, Elsa

  7. Super cute dress!

  8. that dress is gorgeous!



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