Blue Jean Baby

I spent most of high school and a good part of college hiding my legs in jeans, even though I never really liked jeans. I was self conscious about how my legs looked, but shortly before my junior year of college I started to get over my insecurities and switched to almost exclusively wearing skirts and dresses. I'm not entirely abandoning my closet of skirts and dresses, but lately I've been craving jeans again. I had a few missteps trying jeans from my usual shops, before stumbling across a couple of cheap, stretchy pairs from Forever 21 that I actually really like. This is one pair--simple, blue, and about as comfortable as any jean can be. If only as a base for this beautiful blouse, the hunt has been worth it. But don't get too used to it; unless I find a lot more lovely blouses like this one I'm going to firmly stay a dress girl!


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