Pink Hair, Don't Care

As you can see, my hair is now pink. I mostly went pink because things went wrong when touching up the blonde at home (fixing your roots seemed so simple...), but I'm pretty happy to be temporarily pink. It's a fun color and since I still consider my hair in the "growing out" stage it's nice to mix things up while I try to keep from cutting it.
The process: I started with a blonde base. I had just touched up the roots and toned it with Wella T18. I only had the Wella T18 in for around 10 minutes, but certain parts of my hair turned grey/silver. After I had rinsed that out and let it dry I applied Manic Panic cotton candy mixed with Head&Shoulders conditioner (from the tutorials I looked at online any white conditioner will do). I used approximately half dye, half conditioner, but no exact measurements; I just mixed it until the pink looked like a nice pastel shade. I left the dye in my hair for around 45 minutes, checked the color, and washed it out with cold water. Since my hair was more white (grey) in the front, the pink is brighter in the front and slightly more peach-toned in the back where the toner didn't turn my hair silver. Since pink and peach are better colors than grey, I'm ok with this.
*if you want to go pink bleaching is an important step--dye clings better to hair that has been bleached, so even if you are a blonde you will want to lighten your hair a little just to make the pink (or other color) dye stick


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