Books Constitute Capital

Visiting my sister means learning how to be an aunt and exploring her city during nap time. I tell you, hanging out with a two year old can be very humbling when you're told you're playing the game wrong and need to go downstairs. I think I redeemed myself later though at a later point because I was told I was not allowed to go downstairs but had to stay in her room and play. Victory! When she eventually lay down for a nap my brother-in-law held down the fort and my sister took me to their absolutely majestic public library. Since I was little I spent a lot of time in a variety of libraries since my family moved often and despite a few lectures from libraries because I forgot my library card or personal identification number (did anyone else have library number in Elementary school they had to memorize to check books out...?) they have often been one of my favorite places but I've never been in a library as beautiful as this one. Spacious rooms, tall ceilings, ornate bookcases with gilded figures--it definitely puts the libraries I usually visit to shame. We couldn't visit for long, but I'm already looking forward to a chance when I can go back and sit in one of the quiet reading rooms with a good book and no reason to leave.

Outfit details:
UO blouse (old)
old flats (similar)
*pictures by Emily


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