Charmed, I'm Sure

*wearing this Modcloth dress (old, similar), this makeup, and pink star hair charmsies
My hair is doing this strange ombre affect as it fades--my tips are almost completely back to being blonde! I think the cause is the pink dye I mixed into my conditioner (a tip from a couple of people about preventing fading); it seems to be working on top but I guess my tips are too saturated in the shower to hold the color as well! Anyway, it's sort of fun and making me feel like a My Little Pony. Adding to that feeling is these Charmsies I've been wearing in my hair. They were another suggestion from someone on Facebook and I thought when else will sparkles look appropriate in my hair than when it is pink? They're surprisingly hard to photograph and I thought they were rather subtle in person, but I keep getting compliments on them whenever I go out so I suppose they aren't that subtle!


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