Sprinkles On Top

Confession: I don't really like cupcakes. A cookie or brownie tastes better to me, plus cupcakes are so awkward to eat! I have no idea how someone is supposed to eat a cupcake without getting frosting all over their face. Additionally, there's usually too much frosting. Despite this I quite like wearing Hair Dessert's cupcake hair clip. What can I say? I'm a walking contradiction. Anyway, it was only natural that with pink hair I should indulge in a mostly pink outfit. At the very least it's fun to play with more over-the-top looks while I have pink hair since I know eventually I'll return to more natural hair colors. Pink is very fun, but it fades so quickly and I prefer lower maintenance hair in the long term.


Kristie Glenn said...

Love the outfit and those shoes are great! I like how you mixed various shades of the same color.


missmichellini said...

I have a cupcake eating tip for you that might change your mind about them (although it won't affect the taste...)!

Take the bottom half of the cupcake off, squish it on top of the frosting, and make a cupcake sandwich. Boom. Easy as pie ;) Alternately you could just eat the halves separately, but I like the sandwich way best!

Jenny said...

You are the cutest! I adore all your posts. I know upkeep with pastel colored hair is annoying, but it goes so well with your skin tone. You look like an anime character!



Tamara said...

This dress is adorable! I love the lace detail on the back :).


Nikki Williams said...

that dress is stunning! you are beautiful!



shelovesdresses said...

Hehehehe you are the cutest! "Confession: I don't really like cupcakes..." HAHAH that had me rolling for some reason. ^___o I like cupcakes much better as accessories or dress prints too! <3 <3 You look so adorable as always! The sunlight in these photos is absolutely dreamy and your hair is just heaven. <3

Jamie Rose D. said...

This is so adorable. I'm not a huge cupcake fan so I feel you, but I love a good quirky hair accessory. I love this nearly all pink look! I can't get over your awesome pink hair!

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

@missmichellini, that is a very good tip! I can't say it will sway me but I have to try it to see but it already makes cupcakes sound loads more appealing.

Sammi said...

You look gorgeous and the lighting in these photos is divine! At least if you don't like cupcakes, you can look like a darling one :)

xox Sammi

Toko Lingerie said...

Those outfit look good on you. And the photos are so lovely.

Rebecca Jane said...

What a beautiful location - so pretty! I love this outfit, and those shoes especially!

Nicola J said...

Absolutely gorgeous. The pink of pink shouldn't work but it does and looks gorgeous on you.