The Ladies Waldegrave

The art history nerd in me couldn't resist this skirt. It might not be a Millais (I believe it's meant to be The Ladies Waldegrave by Joshua Reynolds) but it's still quite lovely and the grey tones will work nicely with a variety of color combinations and pieces. Basic black sweater & tights in fall? Check. A lacy white blouse (that echoes the sewing women) and sandals in the height of summer? Check! One of my keys to adding a new piece to my closet is to try to picture three different ways I can wear it with pieces already in my closet. I obviously don't stick to this rule every time, but it's a good rule of thumb when picking out new pieces and knowing they will get worn.

Outfit details:
Anthropologie jacket (old)
slip dress, worn as top 
vintage Coach purse


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