Sunday Remix: My Favorite Tee

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I might not be known as a big tee shirt wearer, but like a lot of people when I find a piece I love I wear it to death--even if it is a graphic tee! I actually got this one by Cheap Monday for free as a promotion with their more expensive jeans, but years later it's the tee shirt that I keep wearing while the jeans are gone (to be fair though I ended up ripping the jeans climbing a fence otherwise they might still be getting worn). There's just something so simple about the bold graphic on white that ends up going with everything. Thomas has already seen it so many times he says, "that shirt again?" every time it comes out. I still don't really know what the tee shirt means (is Mickey Mouse giving a Power Fist?) but it ends up being a conversation starter as other people wonder the same thing...



  1. I really love seeing all of your hairstyles over the years ;). Super cute, as always!


  2. I love seeing your evolving hairstyles as well! And it's so sweet and special that the shirt has traveled with you to so many places! <3 <3

  3. Love your blog; been reading a long time! I always thought that shirt was a Mickey Mouse take on Hunter S. Thompson's "Gonzo fist"? Altho yours obviously isn't grasping a peyote button...

  4. such a cute tee!



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