Tulle Dreams

When Thomas saw these pictures he said I looked like I was wearing a wedding dress under my jacket. Whoops! That was unintentional, but this gorgeous tulle skirt by Kellie Falconer is a dreamy piece almost suitable for the big day. If not a wedding it would be a perfect choice for engagement photographs or a rehearsal, or you know just a normal day like this. There's something to be said about dressing up for no reason at all. A few years ago someone told me that people "who dress interesting lead more interesting lives" and the more I thought about it the more I agreed. Interesting itself is up for interpretation--it doesn't have to be tulle on a Tuesday or designer shoes, it can be thrifted clothes and ripped up band tees. I think the key is that when you take the time to actively express yourself through clothes you also become more outgoing in other ways and your clothes start to function as a conversation piece drawing interesting people to you as you go about your day. For me choosing to dress differently than my circle of friends and wear the clothes I wanted to represented a larger mental shift. I went from thinking people like me couldn't wear the clothes they wanted and they wouldn't look good on me to deciding I could dress however I wanted to. If the clothes didn't look good on me who would really care? So expressing myself through fashion went hand-in-hand in becoming more confident which ended up showing itself in how I interacted with friends, strangers, and so on. It's different for everyone but for me I'd definitely agree that life is more interesting in interesting clothes...

Outfit details:
ASOS jacket (old, similar)
Modcloth dress (worn as a top, old)
vintage belt


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