Curly Hair How-To

I'm really not that good at hair styling so I tend to have a few default settings: milkmaid braids, natural (which is straight) and curled. I'd love to figure out more vintage styles eventually like victory rolls or pin curls, but for now I'm just sticking to what I know. I've received a few requests for a tutorial on how I curl my hair so here you go.

I think my bangs/fringe work best with straight hair, so I start by hiding the bangs before I curl my hair. I take a small section of longer hair from the left pull it across my forehead and secure it in place with a bobby pin.

I use a 3/4" curling iron and turn the iron towards my face. Hold the curling iron perpendicular to the ground to get the best ringlets. Even if your hair isn't layered, work at your hair in sections to give it variety. I curl larger sections of hair on the bottom and separate small pieces of hair on top to give it more movement. Once you've done one side of your head repeat on the other. For this style it isn't important that the curls are consistent or neat, it looks best when there's variety.

That's it you're finished! Another trick is to turn your head upside down and shake out the curls a bit so they're less uniform and have more body while you apply some hairspray (I actually tried to photograph this but couldn't get the camera to focus so...). Anyway it's pretty simple, it just takes patience if your hair is thick.
*wearing this dress & this necklace 


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