A Portion For Foxes

I'll be returning to my usual red hair soon partly because I find it tricky to transition unnatural hair colors into fall outfits. I was in the same situation last fall with blue hair and disliked how some of my favorite outfits mixing earth tones clashed with my hair. In spring and summer I like to wear a lot of exuberant colors so hair color doesn't really matter, but when autumn comes I crave being the same color as the changing trees. I was pleasantly surprised by how this outfit manages to read early fall without clashing with my pink hair--it's so unusual to find a pink-toned fox print but perfectly timely for me! I don't normally wear a lot of pastels in fall or winter, but mixed with navy and metallics this look still captures the early fall day when the sun is out but there's a new chill in the air.


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