Green Mansions

I think this cluster of bushes was a maze once, but no one seems to be shaping them anymore. Now it's just a series of twisting paths with occasional gaps that doesn't lead anywhere. My friends keep joking that I'm finding pieces of England in the States since I got home and it definitely feels a bit like it today as I'm wandering the grounds of an old mansion. Of course, our version of old differs quite dramatically from what is considered old in Europe. My grandmother used to live in a house near this mansion and I remember as a child when we visited her we'd go through the woods behind her house to their massive lawns to throw a football or watch a play they were putting on. I was very little at the time so the memories are hazy--more an impression of a wide green expanse and my cousins and sisters playing around. Still going back today felt familiar--I recognized the area where we would play at and remembered details about the house I would've thought long gone.


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