Foxes Are Wolves That Bring Flowers

I think my collection of fox-themed clothes might be starting to rival my horse-themed items. But who can resist a cute little fox face like this one? I actually saw a fox running around the other night--it was quite majestic in the street lights. I suppose it's partly the wildness and rarity of seeing one that makes a sighting so fun, but I sort of wish they were slightly domesticated and I might have one as a pet...except of course I can't really have any pets at my current home! I will have to stick to my animal themed clothing and read some Roald Dahl for now.

Outfit details:
vintage belt
Shop Ruche dress (worn as skirt)
purse from Camden market



  1. That sweater is adorable. I also am loving the fox themed clothing and accessories. I think the stripes on your sweater make into a mix between classic and cute, don't you? As always, you looked absolutely lovely. I also love your hair. I have wished that I was a read-head or a brunette for the longest time, but I am afraid of taking the plunge 'cause it might not go with my skin tone or "me" (no one like having a hairstyle that just doesn't convey who they are). I know you have posted about your hair before, but when did you initially go red and did you dye it yourself or did you go to a stylist? Do you do all the "touch-ups" yourself? Have a lovely day!

    Anna Neumann from The Whistling Willow

  2. Great casual outfit!

  3. I love your adorable fox sweater and shoes! I've been obsessed with foxes and owls lately, I wish I could have a pet fox too ;)

    With Love, Elizabeth

  4. That jumper is amazing, love how you styled it.

  5. There actually are domesticated foxes. Look on google or YouTube. They aren't the sort of pet that will cuddle with you on the couch, though.

  6. That truly is an utterly adorable sweater.

  7. that sweater is so cute!

  8. I adore this look! You have the cutest style ��
    New follower here :)

    Collette xxx


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