Sweater Weather

I sort of ripped this look from the Dear Creatures lookbook. They styled this cardigan with a similar pair of black jeans and I thought it would be a refreshing change from pairing it with my initial idea of a black dress. Besides, I intend to wear a lot of black dresses this October so I should probably rein that in while I can. There's just something about October that has me craving black dresses and looking like Wednesday Addams. Anyway, can you tell I found a favorite pair of jeans? I could go years without wearing jeans, but now that I've found a pair I like it crops up every couple of weeks. They're so practical in ways skirts and dresses can't compare--I wore them when learning to roller skate (still learning) and playing on the ground with my niece. I'm sadly not indulging in either of those fun activities today, but at least I am comfortable and I could go roller skating if I wanted to...


Kristie Glenn said...

Cute outfit! Love the sweater and the glasses look adorable on you!


Nikki Williams said...

love those shoes!



Elizabeth Murdock said...

I love this look so much! xx

Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

this look is SO adorable on you!


Elizabeth said...

Love the sweater and those shoes, so adorable! <3
With Love, Elizabeth

Cyndi Thompson said...

This is so funny to me because this pretty much exactly what I wore today! Love Dear Creatures! I think I found out about them from your blog. :)

Best, Cyndi

Nicola J said...

Love that cardigan!