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I usually have a terrible time finding separates, especially blouses, that I like. There's a reason I wear a lot of dresses and it has as much to do with my struggle to find good tops as it does with my love for dresses themselves! Too many blouses today are so sheer they require thought in your undergarments, or run far too long for petite torsos, or are so blousey they look ridiculous tucked into fitted skirts or other bottoms. So yeah, I have a long list of complaints about blouses and rarely find one I like. This shirt which I've had since 2012 is definitely an exception. I love the all over script print, fit, and the variety of ways I can wear it. When you only have a few tops you like, they definitely get a lot of wear!



  1. Great looks!

  2. That's a great blouse. I have the same problems with tops being too long as I'm quite petite as well. There are a lot of long tunics out there, and the length just does not work for me.

  3. I love this top! Its so cute and looks great on you :) I definitely struggle with finding good tops too, nothing seems to work anymore.

    With Love, Elizabeth

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  5. I totally relate to this!. i never like tops..dresses are just so much easier...and often much more lovelier to be honest.
    i have never written a comment on your blog before but just thought i'd say Hi! & that i always love your posts :)
    i relate to you so much. i have a similar style (lets swap wardrobes sometime ;) ) and gravitate to the same silhouettes as you. My favourite piece of clothing is my asos fox jumper which i bought after seeing you wearing it . i really relate to a lot of your posts when you talk about yourself. i feel like we could be quite similar in personality as i always love your taste in art, music, humour and/ its kinda strange following someones blog because you feel like you know them but you don't and you really don't know me haha... ssooo i probably sound kinda creepy/stalkish now. hahaha ahh.. the internet such a funny/strange place.
    anyways you're rad.

    xx Ellen (Perth, Australia )


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