Pumpkin Picking

Thomas is visiting and at the top of his list of things to do in America in the fall was visit a pumpkin patch, so this was one of our first stops in Vermont. Right now it seems like every shop in the picturesque New England towns is selling maple syrup and pumpkins. But buying pre-picked ones on a shelf isn't quite the same as wandering through a field with your wagon in tow choosing your favorite. I went for a modest pumpkin, but Thomas picked out a whopper that weighed 50 lbs! I've gone pumpkin picking every October for the past few years, but this was probably my most fun trip--going with someone who's never visited a pumpkin patch before is quite entertaining. I'm trying to give Thomas the American fall/Halloween season he has been promised in all of our kitsch and scary movies...

Outfit details:
ASOS jacket (old, similar)
TBA dress (old)
Marais USA flats (similar)
*pictures by Thomas



  1. Japan is cool and all but it's kind of killing me this time of year with no pumpkins or candy corn:( I miss new england octobers so much!

  2. Oh I love this location!


  3. Gorgeous pictures! It makes me love fall. Looks like a great time.

  4. This set of photos is so beautiful! I really love all the fall colors, and the setting was the perfect place to photograph that dress. It sounds like the two of you had a lot of fun, and that's so sweet that you're trying to get Thomas to really experience the American fall/Halloween season.


    Sweet Helen Grace

  5. Agh, that color dress with those little black kitties poking out! SO PERFECT for this time of year. Love this outfit and these photos so much.

  6. this is adorable! I can't wait to visit a pumpkin patch!

    make sure you guys watch Hocus Pocus like, 10 times. :D


  7. This is the perfect dress for the pumpkin patch! It looks like you guys had a great time :).


  8. That dress! Those tights! So perfect for October! I miss the pumpkin patches of my childhood so much; we have a few in Montana, but they're nothing like this!

  9. I absolutely adore your blog. To me your style is playful, cutesy, imaginative and just lovely. I love your Swedish braids in the pumpkin picking picks and you also have a keen eye for photography especially in the fall photos. I do a fall post too on my blog. Check it out!!!1

    My blog is http://scarletrising.wordpress.com/

  10. What a perfect outfit for pumpkin picking! Great photos, and I love how the weather is a little dark, giving them an almost playfully spooky atmosphere. I can't say that pumpkin picking is something that I've ever done - we don't have it our here. But I would certainly love to do it some day, it looks very fun!

  11. Gorgeous pictures! No doubts seeing your smile in them that you are both having a great time. I definitely need to plan a road trip to New England for the Halloween season, I would love to experience it since it would be my first pumpkin ever :)

    Damaris | The cat, you and us

  12. Lovely photos! I never thought of picking your own pumpkin before, I must see if there are any patches near me now! :D X

  13. this is one of my favorite posts of yours!! the photos are gorgeous

    xx nikki


  14. I am so in love with that dress! Orange looks amazing on you, and I love how you styled it! And I am itching to go to a pumpkin patch. It has to happen soon!

  15. Just beautiful!
    How can anybody not like Autumn when it creates this kind of background, with these amazing colours! :)
    Love the dress, and hope you're carving your pumpkin right about now! :)


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