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I've had this dress by Heinui since the summer, but since it's made out of a lovely thick material I had to wait for cooler months to wear it. Sometimes people wonder how I wear dresses in chilly, even snowy weather, but not all dresses are created equal! Neither are tights for that matter, I always stock up the highest denier tights I can find for extra thickness and if I'm not layering underneath my dresses I look for ones with longer sleeves and warmer fabrics. This dress was definitely made to be worn when it cools off and the interesting waist detail and bow back make it far from your average shirtdress. For some reason when wearing it I feel as if I should be in the kitchen making apple pies...although I've never even made an apple pie.



  1. Hi Rebecca, I think, to say that you look gorgeous in a particular outfit is such a redundancy and an understatement that I will skip it altogether today. But anyways, have you considered having a meet-up with your followers/fans before you leave for your beloved's homeland? I know there would be issues of safety and such, but still? It would be magical to meet you in person because I feel like we have quite a lot in common. Btw, you look gorgeous ;)

  2. This is so beautiful! I'm absolutely loving your bright bag!

    x Sarah

  3. Your photos are so beautiful all the time. What camera do you use? What do you use to edit?

  4. Very cute ! :)
    I love your shoes


  5. @Jenny, I use a Canon Mark, you can find more camera info in my FAQ & I've done a series of posts with photography tips which explains my process pretty in-depth. :)

  6. @mira, Aw that's very sweet, but I wouldn't know where to go about doing it (i.e. I'm not sure that many people are local to me in PA & very local like my home would feel slightly unsafe) & I don't know when there'd be time or money to arrange a get together in a bigger metropolitan area--I'm actually trying to get around to various family members in the country in these last couple of months b/c once I move I don't know when I'll have a chance to see my sisters or niece/nephew again since my family doesn't live in one central location...I will be back to the States at least once a year for a family visit & if there are job opportunities with me with US brands I could see using a work trip for that kind of meeting in the future. :)

  7. This is such a perfect outfit!

    Totally love it :)!

    P.S I want to follow you but don't see the follow button :S?

  8. GIRL. What kind of lens do you use? Your depth of field is out of this world.

  9. i have to tell you... for a long time I read tons of fashion blogs, but in the past few years I've kind of lost interest in all of them. except for yours! i always love your style and your beautiful photographs. thanks for keeping on!

  10. @Laura, we use a 50mm lens, although I firmly believe the lens only does half the work--you still have to go manual on the settings to get the best effect. If you have more camera questions please see my FAQ.

  11. that bag is gorgeous! love it!

    xx nikki

  12. This is my dream dress! Its a pity they're sold out. It suits you perfectly & I love the autumnal shoot.

    I know you're petite and I've been wondering how you manage to find regular size clothes to fit you so well? I've been looking for a shirtdress but I'm having a problem with being completely swamped in anything I've tried on. (I'm 5' 0" & about a size uk6.)

  13. @miss milki, it's funny I am petite (5'1") but I've never thought about being a petite style blogger, b/c I don't really think of my size that way. I mean, everyone has a unique shape and even average height individuals have a hard time finding jeans that fit in all the right places--we all have to go through a trial-and-error with our clothes. So I'd definitely say just keep trying; you never know until you try pieces on.
    -Of course there are petite lines--I sometimes shop ASOS petite and I love mini dresses and vintage silhouettes b/c a short skirt and highwaist hit at more appropriate spots on me. I also shop a lot from Asian stores online and since their average customer is more petite, I find they have a better natural fit for me. If you are getting swamped in pieces you try on, remember those stores/brands and make a mental note that their clothes aren't cut to fit you--sizes are inconsistent from store to store, but brands are consistent in a line, so there's no reason to go back to a shop where one dress you tried on fits poorly. I know FOSSIL clothes run large (at least they did like 5years ago) and although I love their bags, I've never bothered to look at their clothes again b/c the fit is so bad on me.
    -It's also key to know your measurements (bust, waist, etc) and when you shop online to look at those things specifically rather than a general size.
    -When all else fails, learn a little tailoring or find a cheap tailor! I'm decent at sewing and can hem a dress, so if everything else fits but it's too long that's an easy fix. If it's a little more complicated like taking in the bust and you're in love with the dress, then a good tailor is priceless. I had a friend's mom tailoring pieces for me for a few years at really reasonable prices--definitely ask around if friends are good at sewing before going to a professional b/c it can get expensive.
    Hope that helps! I also only post outfits I like and clothes that fit--I've still had the disasters when things are too big or ridiculous looking, they're just not going to be blogged or kept! So no one really has it all figured out. :)

  14. Cute dress, cute shoes and great pictures!

    I love the combination of polka dot and copper hair <3


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