Sunday Remix

12 / 3/ 4

I've owned this dress (by TBA) for three years now and yet this year marks the first time I wore it in October. Funny how I never went for the obvious match of Halloween vibes and a pumpkin patch! It's quite lightweight so it's better suited for summer months, but the color definitely fits autumn. Orange is definitely the least popular color in my wardrobe, but if more orange pieces came pleated with gold peter pan collars I might invest in the color more!



  1. I always love the photos you take in pumpkin patches they are always so amazing,I've never seen or been to a pumpkin patch so always love to see your photos. xx

  2. The Pixie cut really suits you !!

  3. Wow I never knew an orange dress could be so versatile! I absolutely love the first photo--it is so happy and full of life! You are totally rocking orange! xx

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

  4. Love the colour orange and the dress

  5. what a perfect dress for thanksgiving!

    xx nikki


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