Autumn Visions

Since I first got this dress a couple of months ago, this is how I envisioned wearing it (although perhaps slightly less wrinkly!). The dramatic embroidery and Joan of Arc inspiration seems to call for equally dramatic styling. Doesn't it beg to be worn with a black cape and arrow earrings? Oh and these earrings have been such a hunt for me! I fell in love with a very expensive pair of arrow earrings--they shoot directly through the earlobe, but the price was completely out of my budget. Months and months of hunting later and I found these and hit the buy button immediately. They aren't the exact design as the first pair I fell in love with, but they are a much more affordable substitute. With my growing collection of arrow accessories I should probably start learning archery...



  1. So gorgeous! I am in love with that hair pin as well! Absolutely perfect.

  2. As always your photography and outfit is beautiful!I love your earrings and brooch they are perfect.I always think that you look like a heroine that's stepped straight out of the pages of a story,you always look like you are enjoying the most splendid adventures.And lastly thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog the other day It really made my day. xx

  3. Your autumn looks and pictures capture the essence of the season perfectly! I love your reddish-orange tights and the print of that dress is wonderfully whimsical!

  4. This is a fabulous mod girl look! Love the pinafore dress, the cape, the rust colored tights. Very cute, I'm definitely feeling inspired by this.

  5. Oh man, themed outfits are my favorite! Everything in this outfit is perfect, from the arrow hair accessory to the cross-over shoes. You look gorgeous!

    Demi |

  6. I love the colour of your tights. they match your hair so well

  7. love your shoes!

    xx nikki

  8. your eyeliner is just perfect in these photos!


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