Beauty: Blood Orange Lipstick

I'm a sucker for a red lip in winter. As much as I enjoy a retro-y red lip in summer, it's nearly a constant beauty decision in winter. It doesn't seem to matter how much I moisturize or hydrate in winter, my skin looks a little duller and a bright orange-y red lipstick seems to help distract from less than glowing skin. This blood orange shade by Cate McNabb is pretty close to perfect when it comes to my criteria for a red lip. The lipstick has a matte finish and when layered it really lasts--as a bonus it's also paraben-free and cruelty-free.
P.S. If you're nervous about wearing a bright colored lipstick and get self-conscious about it, then try applying the lipstick at least an hour before you leave the house. As you go about your everyday tasks in that hour you'll forget it's on your face and by the time you head out into the world you won't remember to be self-conscious.


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