Outfit: Whale of a Tale

This dress is perfect for summer days by the seashore...but those days are a few months away so right now it's hiding under some of my favorite winter accessories. Would you believe I've had this beret since high school? In case you're curious, I graduated in 2005 so that makes this beret around 10 years old! It was part of my uniform at the Catholic high school I attended my senior year--I practically have more stories from my one year at private school than all my previous years at public school (I don't think I'll be making the 10 year reunion, Hawaii is a bit far). For a lot of people a beret reminds them of French New Wave, chic Parisians, or even military groups, but for me it'll always be Mass Day...

Outfit details:
old beret (similar)
old coat (similar)
vintage boots (similar)
old mittens (similar


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