Cat's Cradle

I've recently been a slight jeans convert thanks to a pair of black skinnies by F21, so when DSTLD reached out about their jeans I was eager to try a pair for myself. Most days I would prefer to be in a dress or skirt, but once or twice a month a pair of jeans is a fun change. Because I so rarely wear them my selection of jeans is notably limited and I've been lacking a light colored pair, let alone one with rips! I rather like the combination with the cat sweater, a little sartorial humor--as if a cat has attacked my legs, no?

A bit more about DSTLD; similar to online shops like Everlane, DSTLD [distilled] has a direct business to consumer model. Without the middle man they bring luxury grade denim while keeping everything priced under $100 (with free shipping & free returns). They use American, Japanese, and Italian-milled fabrics while each pair is made in North America. I'm sure that those who love a quality pair of jeans will find DSTLD quite addictive.



  1. those jeans are great!

    xx nikki

  2. I love your saddle shoes and the cat jumper!xx

  3. Your sweater is so cute!

    Madison Martine

  4. Love the outfit, very 50s if that what you were aiming for. Your saddle shoes look pretty banged up are you planning to get a new pair?

  5. @Anonymous, Thanks & no I actually like the beat-up look for saddle shoes. I got rid of my more pristine pair.

  6. I know that you're not a big jeans person, but you can sure rock them. You look amazing every time you wear them.

    - Stefani

  7. Hello - new reader here! Love your style!!! This - wow! Do you know what I'm thinking: how about those Cruz-In's I to where I walk around and see the old-edition cars ... this would be (sorry, nods to the handbag) purr-fect :)

  8. When you take pictures on bleachers sometimes I wonder where you are. Is it inside a school and you snuck in? Nothing wrong with that, I guess. What a blogger does for outfit photos, am I right? ;)

  9. @Bivisyani, it's bleachers around a sports fields--you don't have to sneak they're open to the public. Sports fields can be associated with specific schools, but also rec teams which aren't school based will use them.


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