Cat's Cradle

I've recently been a slight jeans convert thanks to a pair of black skinnies by F21, so when DSTLD reached out about their jeans I was eager to try a pair for myself. Most days I would prefer to be in a dress or skirt, but once or twice a month a pair of jeans is a fun change. Because I so rarely wear them my selection of jeans is notably limited and I've been lacking a light colored pair, let alone one with rips! I rather like the combination with the cat sweater, a little sartorial humor--as if a cat has attacked my legs, no?

A bit more about DSTLD; similar to online shops like Everlane, DSTLD [distilled] has a direct business to consumer model. Without the middle man they bring luxury grade denim while keeping everything priced under $100 (with free shipping & free returns). They use American, Japanese, and Italian-milled fabrics while each pair is made in North America. I'm sure that those who love a quality pair of jeans will find DSTLD quite addictive.


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