Sunday Remix

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I have a "thing" for winter coats...I think the "thing" is I like being warm in winter and so I've collected quite a few that allow for both warmth and sartorial variety. Even so I never buy a lot of coats at once or even each year, I just add to my collection annually and have a hard time getting rid of old ones! As an example this lovely teal coat was acquired back in 2011 and it still gets a lot of wear. While some people have a signature style or pieces, I tend to be less consistent and this is reflected in my coats--none of them look alike. Even more than having many coats, having ones that look quite distinct from each other is important to me in winter to save me from boredom when dressing to survive the cold. And when you have to hide most of your outfit under a coat for a good portion of the day it should be a fun coat, no?


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