Outfit: Vintage Haunts

Thomas and I continued our tradition of a day spent visiting antique malls and vintage shops when he visits. It's a perfect activity for really cold days because you spend most of your time indoors, but you're still moving around and at the end of the day you feel like you saw a lot...in fact so many antique malls are filled to the brim and your eyes feel tired at the end of the day by trying to not miss any treasures. We walked away with a set of vintage ornaments for our Christmas tree next year, a couple of cool storage boxes, and an antique pulley (Thomas has some DIY project in mind for it).

The vintage camera in the two above shots is an Argus Seventy-Five. Unlike modern cameras the viewfinder is on top (instead of in the back); which means the photographer looks down into the camera to aim and focus. While at first it might seem inconvenient it was handy for early street photographers because their subjects weren't always aware they were being photographed since the photographer is looking down rather than at the subject and it made for very candid shots. It also means the shots had a different perspective; today we hold the camera at eye-level, but with the viewfinder like this it was often held lower which meant it was more at eye-level with children or youth. It's just interesting to hold an old camera in this style and then look at vintage photographs and see how the tool influenced the work.

Outfit details:
old bomber
vintage boots


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