Outfit: Happy New Year

My family's tradition for New Year's Eve is to go bowling. It's a different alley every few years as we move around, but it seems to be a pretty standard package across the states--glow bowling with food and drinks included until just after the ball drops. Some alleys serve breakfast at midnight. I don't always dress up for New Year's Eve because bowling isn't that glamorous but this year I went for sequins anyway. I hope everyone had a fun New Year's Eve--however you celebrate there's something very optimistic about the start of a new year and I'm quite excited to see what 2015 will bring.

Outfit details:
vintage bowling shoes
*pictures by Thomas


Elizabeth Murdock said...

I love this outfit and the pictures are perfect! xx

Claudia said...

What a nice tradition! Happy new year!

Winnie said...

This is really lovely! Happy 2015 - I know that it's going to be an awesome year for you :)

Eccentric Owl said...

That is such a fun tradition! And I LOVE that you wore a sparkly skirt to go bowling. It's adorable!
Happy New Year!

Sammi said...

What a fun idea for New Year's! You look so lovely and ethereal. Hope your 2015 is wonderful!

xox Sammi

Nicola J said...

Your outfit is amazing. LOVE that skirt!


Angel said...

How cute! What a fun tradition.

Angela StyleDoll said...

Such a great & adorable outfit for the new years! LOVE it and you look amazing!
x Angela // the-style-doll.blogspot.com

Truly Madly Deeply Fashion said...

Absolutely stunning as always Rebecca! I love the outfit and they way you've styled it. What a lovely idea to go bowling on New Year's Eve, I hadn't thought of that. I love the glow in the dark interior!

Saba x


Jeannee Waseck said...

Absolutely lovely! I am looking forward to 2015, in part because you blog so often, and it's something I really look forward to :)

Laura Mitbrodt said...

These photos are so cute, I love your skirt
happy new year

Bronwyn said...

thats such a cute outfit. i wish i had a new years tradition, bowling looks so fun


Kira Anastasia said...

Absolutely love that first photo. The colors are so ethereal!

Marine said...

What a lovely way to bring in the new year!

I would love to know where Thomas' sweater is from... I have a not-so-secret obsession with all thinks dinosaur!

Leah said...

This sounds like such a lovely tradition! I absolutely love your skirt. The photographs are so dreamy + perfectly captured.

Leah♡Leah in La La Land

Nikki Williams said...

looks like so much fun! love that skirt!

xx nikki

Diana @ Letrendary said...

This is so adorable. Ahhh. Happy New Year! Also, I LOVE the colors in the photos. The contrast between your red hair and blue light is beautiful.

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

@Marine his sweater is from Atom Retro! :)