The Lion's Roar

Life feels on pause lately. It isn't quite fair to the friends and family I am around, but most days I feel as if I am treading water waiting to be with Thomas and in Northern Ireland. It's not so bad when I am busy, but getting the flu last week left me too sick to do much of anything aside from lying in bed coughing and shivering and thinking. The problem is my days in the States are numbered so it's becoming hard to invest time and emotion into being present. I moved out of the house I lived in for two years, packing my boxes and moving away from housemates and friends I saw every day. Even though it isn't a move across the ocean yet, hanging out now takes coordination and effort and my boxes are still packed--the space I'm living in is not my home. So, I'm in limbo. If I was in Northern Ireland right now I feel like I could be productive, but instead I'm treading water.
But it's officially December and the days are short and the holidays are ahead. I hate the cold, but I do love this season of family gatherings, rich meals, and magical walks in winter wonderlands. My problem isn't a lack of things I'm looking forward to, but rather appreciating the mundane day-to-day...

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Outfit details:
vintage boots (similar)
old purse


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