Hair: Winter Maintenance

Since hair questions continue to be the most frequent ones I receive, here's an update on what products I'm using. I've been switching a few of my regular products for ones recommended for dry and damaged hair--which my hair is after a summer of bleaching it blonde, not cutting it for over a year, and cold, dry winter days!
Hair color: This isn't my all-time favorite color but I'm still using L'Oreal Intense Red Copper. I haven't dyed it in over a month, so the color you see here (and in outfit posts) is what it fades to on my hair. While I'm naturally a brunette, my hair was bleached blonde over the summer so other than around the roots, the red is on top of blonde so it fades to much lighter than my usual color.
Color maintenance: I don't wash my hair every day because even with the right products washing your hair will make the color fade quicker and I try to wash my hair with as cold of water as I can handle! My current shampoo and conditioner is the radiant red ones by John Freida.
Dry hair fixes: After not seeing any results from a some DIY deep conditioners/hair masks I decided to invest in an actual deep conditioner. Argan Oil hair mask by Arvazallia was on sale and I had positive experiences in the past with argan oil for my skin. I really like how silky and soft my hair feels after I use this. I only used it all over my head once and now I'm focusing on only working it into my ends. It's exactly what I needed to make my split ends more manageable and delay a hair cut. I don't know if I'll use it year round, but it's very effective right now at repairing the damage of my previous dyes and current weather. I also switched from my usual hair brush to a boar bristle brush which is supposedly better for damaged hair. I also always let my hair air dry and if I curl my hair I'll only use a hot iron once a week. 


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