Outfit: Adventure-wear

A simple outfit ready for adventure--my backpacks always make an outfit seem instantly more adventure-y. Clutches are so impractical that they'd never end up on a true adventure. In heels and a clutch you go to your chosen destination and have a lovely time, but there's no room for spontaneity--there's no following a stranger on some mysterious quest. But when I wear a backpack I feel like there's no stopping me; I could go anywhere. Of course it'd be quite weird to follow a stranger and I haven't been on a mysterious quest in weeks, but the principle remains...

Outfit details:
vintage hat
ASOS sweater (old)
thrifted skirt (similar)
grey socks
old wellies 


Sarah Clark said...

I love your outfit. Especially the hat. That's so cute :)

Rachel Dahl said...

Tee, hee. You're absolutely right! My tiny black leather backpack was my purse for the longest time. I also noticed that I tended to "bounce" or skip more often when I wear it. I just felt generally more youthful.

I'm more stiff when I have a clutch (which I don't usually carry around) or a shoulder bag.

Your post actually makes me WANT to go and carry around a backpack again as my everyday purse. I think it's generally hard for me in the winter time because of big coats.

Who doesn't want to feel free and young and playful and adventurous? Ha, thanks for the reminder!

Your outfit is cute, cute, cute as always. Nordic and sweet.


Bronwyn said...

i love your sweater! I know what you mean, I have more practical bags that are perfect for when i go exploring


Sheila Joy said...

love this post!


Roberta Williams said...

Time out, where are you???? But it's winter! How is there vegetation?

Elizabeth Murdock said...

Your photographs are perfection as usual ! xx

Kira Krutulis said...

That's the cutest backpack I've ever seen!

Eden Mint said...

Great sweater, love the backpack too!


Helen Fielding said...

Hair looking very pretty! The jumper is super cosy!

Randi Zimman said...

All of your winter outfit posts have had the most amazing backdrop. These woods are incredibly gorgeous. I live in LA and you make the snow look so romantic. Also I have been loving your bangs swept to the side. It has a great sophisticated vibe to it.

Xo, Randi

Liza Mooney MUA said...

This post reminded me of Moonrise Kingdom :-)

Liza Mooney MUA said...

This post reminded me of Moonrise Kingdom :-)

Henna X. said...

These pictures look so lovely! <3 I just checked your Anna Karenina post and I loved it too.


Megan Ririe said...

Love it!!


femmeviolet.com said...

I really love that backpack! :3

Aurélie said...

What a wonderful universe you have created ! I'm just discovering your blog and I already love it ! The tone of your pictures, your outfit, the landscape : everything is so beautiful and perfect. I feel like I'm in Virgin Suicides. Bravo !

Bisous from Paris

Nikki Williams said...

i just cannot get over how amazing your photos always are!

xx nikki