Outfit: Dog Days

This cozy sweater dress has been my favorite thing to wear around the house for weeks. I might wear something more fussy when I go out, but when I come back it's so nice to slip into this cozy number. I usually just wear it with thick socks as I edit pictures or do some baking, but I tried to style it a bit more interesting for an outfit to wear out of the house. I dragged along Gus (the dog) for pictures again because it's good for both of us to get out of the house (and he's my favorite dog). He wouldn't wear the hat, but he was happy enough to pose with it--we'll make a model out of him yet!



  1. Aww love these photos, Gus is so cute! I agree with how comfy and versatile sweater dresses are, I probably wouldn't mind if my entire wardrobe was composed of them hehe. Love how you've styled this one and the mustard colour is just gorgeous! <3

    Andini xx
    Adventures of an Anglophile

  2. You'd think it was autumn in these photos. I love the colours and the jumper dress looks so snug. Gus is absolutely adorable!

  3. beautiful photography and Gus is gorgeous <3 Lovely post!


  4. Beautiful pictures and nice dress, that color goes so well with your hair!

    Printed or Plain

  5. Such a cute pup! And your hair looks so gorgeous!!!!
    Xo, Randi


  6. that dress is so stunning on you! i love the color.


  7. Oh, this has to be my favourite of your looks. That dress looks so cozy and the colour is scrumptious! Pretty pretty!

  8. Just stunning! Those colors look amazing on you! Your dog is too sweet<3


  9. I love the colors of this outfit, and the knit textures, although I have a hard time with getting too warm in sweater dresses.

    Gus is the cutest!!!

  10. Love this (ahhh, Gus!) ... Love the idea of a dressy-dress that you wear around the house :)

    Also, I especially enjoyed the previous post w/ the "book nook"! Friends of my parents had a small apt ...and one of there children slept in a hallway alcove, which I thought was so terrible! Ahhh ... now I see how nice that can be! Thank you for sharing such beauties with us!!!

  11. Gus is so cute, I love the autumny look of your pictures.


  12. i LOVE that dress!!

    xx nikki


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