Sunday Remix: Black Pleated Skirt

I don't wear it much in spring or summer, but a this little black skirt is a necessity in my closet when fall and winter roll around. Perfect with blouses tucked in or comfy sweaters on top. Every girl/woman probably has a black skirt in their basics wardrobe in a style that suits them best--pencil, midi, etc. My favorite will probably always be the pleated, shorter variety...



  1. love this skirt!

    xx nikki

  2. I find that I wear my black skirt most in the winter as well. They are so comfortable with a thick pair of tights or leggings! I adore your style, by the way xx

    Extraneous Melodies by Emily Bee

  3. Even I, whose wardrobe has hit the skids, has a little black skirt, lol! It is one I wore when I attended church on a regular basis, because it was a maxi - no pantyhose required ;)


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