Beauty: Birthday Face

It's my birthday later this week so I decided to experiment with a new beauty look. I was inspired to give myself star freckles by Valfre's artwork. Because if there's any day you can get away with wearing ridiculous makeup it is your birthday! I really like how this turned out so I'll definitely do it again.
Beauty how to: I began with my this makeup routine and then embellished. On top of my usual black eyeliner I applied Nicka K shimmer eyeliner in blue (also I tried Stila's colored eyeliners and they were terrible, but this one is amazing! so much pigmented color in one stroke). For the stars it's just regular star sequins kept in place with the Lit base from this set. Just dab some of the base on your cheeks with your fingers, wipe your fingers clean, then place the sequins where you want them. They'll stay for hours as long as you resist touching your cheeks!
P.S. Anyone remember this dress? I designed it several years ago with an independent designer and it was so popular she ended up selling it in her shop and creating a summer version with lighter fabrics. It seemed fitting to resurrect it as I enter my 28th year because this is the sort of project I'd like to work on again. Not just designing dresses, but creating tangible objects in general. More projects with my hands. More ideas being realized beyond text on a page. 


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