Outfit: Our Gatehouse

I'm quite excited to be back in Northern Ireland today sharing a few photographs of my future home with Thomas. Some time this year I'll get my visa, buy a one way ticket, and we will move into this adorable, little gatehouse. We've already started the process by signing the lease and painting a bit inside. There's a bit more work to do before we can move in (zero furniture at the moment!), but it's very good to have a house and a plan. It's a tiny house, but it's cozy and so adorable from the outside that sometimes I feel like I should pinch myself to confirm this is all real. It's very strange the direction your life can go--this is so far from the future I imagined for myself.
I'm barely in Northern Ireland, so my outfit is a lot of current "comfort" pieces that were packed near the top of my suitcase. My favorite jacket right now, a cozy sweater, basic goes-with-everything skirt, and these old oxfords I've been wearing to death for nearly five years now. The only new piece is my vintage carousel horse brooch from My Vintage Spirit. I've really been expanding my brooch collection lately because in winter people mostly see your outerwear and a brooch adds so much personality to even the most basic coat. My favorite brooch is a sparkly oversize shrimp, but this golden carousel horse is also pretty special. I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I hope to own a vintage carousel horse one day and display it in my living room! I've seen them in antique shops since I was very little, but so far I haven't found one for the right price or lived somewhere big enough to handle such a ridiculous piece! A full-sized carousel horse definitely wouldn't fit in the gatehouse, so this brooch is a nice consolation prize.

Outfit details:
navy tights
old oxfords (similar)
*pictures by Thomas


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