In Character

Channeling my inner Audrey from How To Steal A Million. Or perhaps what her character in that film would dress like if she was around today. In the film she largely wears Givenchy and dresses almost as a caricature--especially the scene where she thinks she's hiring a thief to steal something for her and she dons a lace mask (I love how the camera pans up her outfit and Peter O'Toole looks suitably bewildered by her clothing choice). A modern version of that character might wear a lace mask with ears from Maison Michel; the sort of thing Karl Lagerfeld was photographing models in a few years ago. My mask is merely from Choies, but for a few brief moments while wearing it I feel a little bit like my favorite movie heroine--out of my depth but determined not to show it (and failing miserably but with such flair you can't help but smile).


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