Outfit: An Education

The little gatehouse I'll eventually be living in is actually part of a set--opposite of that little dwelling is this nearly identical one with its bright red door. I really enjoy the fact that we will be living in one gatehouse, but be able to look out of our front window at another one. It's hardly surprisingly however since many gatehouses were built as a set; one on either side of the gate. Because two were built they were usually quite small in size; it actually became a point of critique that landowners were building dwellings inhumanely small and a gatekeeper might live with his family divided between two homes. Styles changed over the years though and older models were sometimes made taller to accommodate loft bed space. If I sound like an expert on the topic it's all due to a book on the Gate Lodges of Ulster that Thomas bought. I've been reading up on gatehouse achitecture and what information there is on our own gatehouse. There are six predominant styles of architecture for gatehouses (Gothick, Neo-Classical, Tudor, Picturesque, Italianate, and Castellated) and ours falls under the most elaborate: Tudor style. Gatehouses in this style provided a symbol of wealth and power to the landowner and extended gable areas were a suitable setting for a family crest or coat of arms. You can see the family crest on this gatehouse above the large front window. These gatehouses were built in 1842, although they obviously have remolded interiors--I don't mind living in a tiny house, but having the traditional outdoor privy wouldn't be fun...
What has been fun: seeing different styles of gatehouses around Northern Ireland and being able to name what style they were built in. For example, the Summerisland gatehouses I featured last week are Gothick in style. You can usually recognize that style by the lancet (or arched) windows--quite similar to what you'd see in a cathedral. Some gatehouses are a mix of styles, but when you know what details to look for it's easy enough to guess the predominant influence. I'm looking forward to seeing and photographing more gatehouses around Northern Ireland and learning about them as I go!

Outfit details:
old belt
navy tights
old shoes (similar)
*pictures by Thomas



  1. Wow, what a beautiful place to live! I can't wait to see what you do with the inside...

  2. The building is gorgeous! I do hope you'll post more pictures when you move in? I'd love to see the architecture inside too :)

    P.S. Cute cardigan!

  3. What a wonderful place to live! I like following along with you and seeing all these beautiful places :)

    Sweet Spontaneity

  4. Cute look!

    Indya xx

  5. How fun to live in a place that is so beautiful but also has so much history. Your outfit is lovely as usual and that cardigan is everything.

  6. love that dress!

    xx nikki

  7. so do all these gatehouses have like nearby manors or mansions where the 'owners' would have lived? Are there any that still have the cohesive grounds attached and intact that the gatehouses were originally a part of? I'm loving seeing all these in different styles- they're sooo cute and charming. You guys should make a photobook!

  8. @Kitsune-kun, it all depends on the gatehouse(s) in question. Ours are now at the front of a public park, the building that was a manor house is being used as office space. For some the original manor house has been torn down and something else built in its place and gatehouses can be located almost awkwardly in the middle of neighborhood or edge of a city street.

  9. What a lovely place to live! I still have a lot of exploring to do in N. Ireland, my partner is from just outside Bushmills. Have you been to Mussenden Temple yet? That would be fantastic place for photos. :-)

  10. You are so lucky! What I would give to live in a Gatehouse...

    Annika from themuffintop-less.blogspot.de

  11. I'm loving your photos & the interesting facts about gatehouses. I love coming across gatehouses out on a drive through the countryside and would love to live in one some day. (I'm in Cork) I'm looking forward to seeing & reading more as you explore! Welcome to Ireland! ;)

  12. Haha, you don't have to go very far now for a cool backdrop.

  13. Are those fishes really that red or more orange in person? Thanks!

  14. @Anonymous, I would say the fish are more red than orange.

  15. Such a retro and cute look! Love the backdrop too! X

    Black and Navy on the blog-


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