Outfit: Milkshake Date

I have visited this sweet little restaurant and ice cream shop on previous visits to Northern Ireland, so my coordination to the decor was not entirely coincidental. I might be more shy about matching the walls on an ordinary day, but as it was Valentine's Day and a pink coat and sequined heart brooch was not out of place. The cafe offers a variety of sweet treats, most spectacular of which might be the knickerbocker glory, but despite my strawberry milkshake purse I ended up eating chicken curry--delicious, although not as photogenic as ice cream would've been! What I like most about this spot though is the views from the windows upstairs. Even on a grey day it's lovely to look out at the ocean while you snack and on this weekend we got to watch loads of couples out for a stroll and even one couple's photography session on the beach directly in front of us!


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