Outfit: Spring Fling

As I looked out of the plane window when landing in Boston for my layover on the way home I was a bit dismayed to see how much snow remained piled up in the city. But after another short, connecting flight and a stretch of the legs I was pleased to find that while some snow is lingering in mounds in the shade it actually does feel like spring some days.


Julia Lundin said...

Beautiful! That bag is so you!


Anonymous said...

Great outfit! Great post! You found such a cool spot to take the pictures with that one little blackbird tucked in the corner of all that white.

I think I want to get this dress for a very special event I have coming up. Did you customize or roll the sleeves? They look shorter (and better) on you than in the site's picture.

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

PS I also wish I could find shoes like yours. Saaad face. I actually tried looking last week but to no avail. :(

Jari said...

I love this outfit! Sadly I'm pretty sure it won't look good on me xD

Anonymous said...

Awesome rings! Just want to let you know that the "good after nine" link leads to an "error 403 forbidden" page.

Winnie said...

Gorgeous shots - I love the blue theme, there is such a great nostalgic vintage vibe! Also your GIFs are awesome in the post above!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

@Anonymous 12:57, I didn't change the sleeves--I'd say the product image on Romwe is more misleading! They're definitely a bit shrunken and fitted; which I don't mind either but definitely different than what it looked like on Romwe!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

@Anonymous 1:24, thank you for the head's up--I've fixed it now.

Nikki Williams said...

gorgeous dress!

xx nikki

Aurelie As Mounette said...

nice dress sweety, you are lovely!!

Don't hesitate to follow me on IG or FB.

Nikolattina N said...

Lovely outfit! every single detail is perfect!

I love you blog! I am following you right now!