Outfit: That's My Jam

When I was younger my family would often go strawberry picking in the summer. We'd bring home so many strawberries that sometimes it felt like berries became your main diet; strawberries for breakfast, strawberries with your lunch, strawberries with ice cream as your dessert after dinner. I'm not complaining, I still like to overindulge in fresh fruit in the summer. Even with the amount we were consuming we couldn't get through the strawberries a family of five could pick before some started to rot so my mother would take a large portion and make homemade jam. Later she'd add little cloth circles to the lids and tie with ribbons and they'd often be our back-to-school presents for teachers and bus drivers when summer was over. The point of this walk down memory lane is, Book of Deer's jam dress is a lovely, nostalgic piece for me. Our jars looked very similar to those in Eilidh's illustration print (although hers are technically raspberry jams!) and wearing this dress takes me to sticky, summer days with my family enjoying the fruits of our labor.



  1. Do you know Chie Mihara shoes ?
    I think they will suit your style perfectly !!! =)
    Btw.: You dress is yummy! =)

  2. This is my dress of choice from their current collection! I love the cut and print, but was undecided if it was going to be too cutesy on me. Lately I've been feeling this weird pull to wear things that are more mature - not dowdy, but that don't make me look like a child since I work in a professional environment. But you've changed my mind! I think I am going to go for it! Looks great on you!

  3. This dress is great and makes me feel nostalgic as well. I can definitely relate to your story! Check out this blog post I published last summer on the topic :) http://colourofcraft.ca/berry-me-away/

  4. We used to go picking too, but nowadays Mom just buys them from the market. I've actually been thinking of going picking this summer. Could be fun!


  5. your dress is so pretty, love the print

  6. that dress is stunning! i always love how classic you look!

    xx nikki

  7. I love the print of your dress ~ I've always had a soft spot for homemade jam. My mother-in-law made the most incredible plum jam with plums from a tree in their back yard, and I adore it on toast for breakfast.

    Strawberry jam is fab though too, and I would totally wear that dress picking strawberries! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill


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