Beauty: Rag Curls

*wearing Choies dress & vintage barrettes from Mane Message

Since my hair has gotten longer I've been meaning to try rag curls again. I used to do this style every so often in college, but it's been awhile. This time around I grew impatient waiting for my hair to dry so the curls fell quite a bit after I untied the rags--if you let them dry properly you'll get better curls! The appeal of this style is no heat tools, so no damage to your hair. The downside is it takes quite awhile for the curls to dry so it's recommended to rag curl overnight.
How to:
-start with wet or damp hair and a handful of fabric strips
-take a small section of hair and a small strip of fabric
-roll the section of hair around the fabric upwards towards the top of your head
-tie the fabric in a knot securing the hair
-repeat until all of your hair is rolled and tied
-allow hair to dry (it's popular to sleep in this style)
-untie the knots and shake your new curls loose


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