Outfit: Pink Lady

This dress is super girly but actually reminded me of girl rebels--like the Pink Ladies in Grease. The lipsticks look sharp enough to cut and remind me of that "she looks too pure to pink" comment by Rizzo. I'm unfortunately probably more of a Sandy than a Rizzo (especially in high school!) but for the day I can don a faux leather jacket and hang out on the bleachers and pretend to be bad.
P.S. If you like the GoodAfterNine rings I've been wearing you can get 15% off with code "aclotheshorse".


blogoratti said...

Lovely dress, and nice photos!

Andini Ria said...

That dress and that print, I'm absolutely obsessed! <3

Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile

Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

gorgeous dress!!


Kristie Glenn said...

Amazing dress...love the print!


Anna said...

Love this! Some of my favorite combos are super girly with some sort of edge or "bad girl". ^__^ I'm way more of a Sandy than Rizzo, but I have Rizzo moments I think! haha.

prudence yeo said...

The lipstick print on the dress is so fun and the pink shade is lovely too!


Nikki Williams said...

such a pretty dress!

xx nikki

Ruby Sterland said...

Love the print on this dress! You styled it so well x