Beauty: Simple Waterfall Half-Twist

I think I'd be able to learn more hairstyles if I had someone to practice on (which makes me miss my old housemates who'd probably be up for a braid party) but I'm still steadily learning new tricks. I've been intrigued by the waterfall twist (much simpler than a waterfall braid) and started off with a simple half-twist; maybe I'll pull off the full twist all the way around my head another week...
How to:
-take a small section of hair towards the front of your face
-divide that section into 2 halves
-twist the top underneath the bottom
-take a third, small piece of hair from the top of your hair
-pull the third piece between the two halves 
-twist your top piece over the bottom again
-take another small piece from the top of your hair and pull it between your 2 original pieces
-repeat the entire process until you like the number of twists you have
-pin it in place with a bobby pin


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