Outfit: Stepping Out

I have become a complete pink convert. From my teenage years while I was far from tomboyish in appearance I was quite resistant to pinks and pastels which were prolific in the preppy, golf course set whom I always felt a bit snubbed by. Did anyone manage to survive high school without feeling snubbed by someone? It's only as I get older and farther from that awkward teenager that I feel more comfortable embracing styles I felt I needed to reject before they rejected me! Sometimes I want to settle down in my style, to go for more classic, even mature styles, but I also think about the time I wasted when I was younger being too self-conscious to have fun with my clothes and decide that having fun with clothes is more important. So my novelty purse continues to grow and I wear lacy two-piece set that seems impractical for everywhere...



  1. Your dress is so cute! I love it

  2. You look so beautiful in all of these photos! I love love love that dress.

  3. I love the dress! You are so beautiful!

    Aneliya || sugarfoxy.blogspot.com

  4. I was about to say that I loved the dress when I realised.... it's a top and skirt! I've never seen such an amazing, poofy, lacy skirt! And they do the sets in so many colours! You are a very lucky lady :)

  5. What a gorgeous, feminine and fun outfit! This colour really becomes you. I also love the composition of the images, and the perspective in the pictures where you've been captured from above. Your images are always very imaginative.

    Saba x


  6. Wonderful dress, I love that color! Great pictures too. :)


  7. What a nice bright and refreshing outfit, you look so happy in it. It's lovely!

  8. I'm the same way about clothes too in that I wasted my school years being so self-conscious. Now I realize that people are going to judge you no matter what you wear so you might as well wear what you want. Some of my friends shop at classy places like J. Crew or GAP by choice, but I'm having too much fun with fashion to settle down and dress more maturely.

    Your outfit is fabulous by the way.


  9. Somehow this makes think of the Velazquez painting Las Meninas. Did you add a petticoat or is it part of the skirt? Also, did you change the length? Looks great!

  10. @Anonymous, I didn't add anything to the skirt--it's built very full with a lot of layers. I did have it shortened; I felt quite swallowed in the full length with so much fullness.

  11. Love all the detailing of this set! I also really love that raspberry kind of pink shade! Looks great on you! ^__^

  12. Such a lovely outfit! Especially love the cute pouffy style of the skirt and the bag is so fun too!


  13. You are adorable! Just perfect!


  14. those two pieces are sooo beautiful! perfectly compliments your hair!

    xx nikki

  15. Gorgeous color, I love the vibrancy of the magenta and the texture of the lace. Definitely a stunning outfit however impractical it may feel! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill


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