Beauty: Waterfall Twist

I'm still working on this hairstyle; I have the idea of it down but my twists tend to end up being sloped from one side of my head to the other! I'm thinking of hairstyles the way I do eyeliner though; I'm quite good at doing cat-eye makeup because I literally do it every single day. It's the practice that has made me good at winging my eyeliner; if I work at this hairstyle (and others) more regularly then in time I will be good at them too. With any beauty technique from makeup to hair, in the end there isn't a special trick that makes one person better at styling hair than another, but rather putting in the required practice time!
How to:
-take a small section of hair towards the front of your face
-divide that section into two halves
-twist the two sections so the bottom is on top and the top is on the bottom
-take a piece of hair from the top of your head and slide it between the 2 halves
-twist the 2 halves again; the piece from the top should just fall down and join the rest of your hair
-repeat these steps until you reach the other side of your face leaving a small section of hair on that side
-pin into place with a bobby pin and cover where you finished the twists with your leftover hair


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