Outfit: Pin-up

This dress from Unique Vintage immediately reminded me of vintage pin-ups and with the khaki color feeling like a nod to WWII era ladies I couldn't resist trying out victory-rolls in my hair for the first time. My grandmother's Coca-Cola memorabilia filled basement even gave me the perfect backdrop and commercial models to emulate. I always thought the bright-eyed models on my grandmother's collection of vintage tins were so glamorous, although as a child I really only saw the room in passing since it's far from a child-friendly room and some pieces are fairly valuable. It's very fun after all those years of admiring them from a distance to pay homage to them now--complete with glass coke bottle in hand. The glass bottle I'm holding is actually part of my grandmother's collection and man am I curious as to what unopened vintage Coca-Cola tastes like--I think the one I'm holding is from the 1950s.

Outfit details:
Baublebar earrings
old trench coat


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