Outfit: Got That Red Lip Classic Thing That You Like

This look feels very old-school classic to me. Like something Audrey Hepburn (apologies for the "cliche" reference) might wear, although perhaps updated a bit with the shorter hemline and extra straps on the heels! It's mostly the sunglasses and trench coat that give the feel. I actually wrote an essay my freshman year of college on the history of the trench coat--how it went from literally being worn in the trenches by soldiers to being worn by the leading women of Hollywood. It's interesting the journey clothes take sometimes--like jeans were originally intended for miners, but now they're the default outfit for most of the population. Jeans were also my default for many years, but today I'm more likely to be caught in a classic dress and trench coat which just shows that sometimes the sartorial evolution is personal as well as societal.

Outfit details:
Baublebar earrings
old ASOS trench (similar)


Laura Mitbrodt said...

your dress is so pretty! I love the print

Marli Neves said...

Oh my god that dress is gorgeous!

Maria Tseytlin said...

Oh that trench is so cute, classy and really Hepburn-ish :)
I loved those beautiful shoes and how they match the coral flowers on the dress!

(From www.agoldenpicnic.blogspot.com)

Nikki Williams said...

that dress is gorgeous!

xx nikki

Charmaine said...

Miz Moos are the best! I think they are such well made shoes for the price point. Do you like Fluevogs? I could see you rocking their eccentric designs with your style perfectly!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

@Charmaine I don't have any Fluevogs yet but I do like some of their styles. I should check out their sales more often :)

Sienna Rose said...

Love those shoes :)


Anoushka said...

This outfit is so chic, I love the pops of red and that dress is gorgeous. You're right, very Audrey! :)

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